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Upcycled Keyboard Magnets

Have you seen what we create with your EWaste at our Cape Town studio?

Firstly, we source the broken old keyboards from an Ewaste facility that looks something like this:

3564_large image credit:

After stripping and cleaning the keyboards, we glue a sturdy magnet to each key by hand. Here our magnets are drying overnight:


Next we package and label the keyboard magnets.  Each glass jar contains 1 full keyboard of magnets! Perfect to organise your fridge or office white board.

keyboard magnets label

We are left with these bins of keyboard cases which we then return to the E waste depo.


They are crushed and bundled and remade into plastic used for clothing and toys.


Our glass jars of keyboard magnets are sold in our Cape Town Studio, sold on our website and available from some of Cape Towns quirkiest gift stores.

So now you know the story of our fantastic keyboard magnet jars!

keyboard magnets

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