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Interior Design & Extraordinary Repurposed Furniture

Fabric Frenzy

We’ve been very very busy here at the studio. And that’s because we’ve introduced fabrics into our store. Injecting prints and colours by local South African designers to our Recreate products has been amazing. We love how the fabrics bring out a certain… je ne sais quoi

Come in and browse through some truly unique prints and be inspired. We certainly are constantly stimulated just by walking past our fabric wall.

Our talented local designers have created some truly gorgeous prints. Have a peek at their collections.

Fabricnation, Design TeamI Spy, Maradadhi and Quagga Fabrics

We reupholster, create curtains and cushions, make up custom lampshades… basically anything you can think of we’ve done or will do in these fabrics.

Give us a ring or drop us a line and let’s get creative!

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Foreign Press

We’ve been featured over the pond, not once, but twice!

In the March edition of Dove and Ländle Magazin REcreate enjoyed a bit of a spread.

If you’re in Italy or Germany, do grab a copy from your nearest stockist and have a gander. Some brilliant stuff.

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Woman and Home

Woman and Home’s article Trash to Trend has featured us. Now available on the shelves of all major stores.


We’re in South Korea!

We have been featured in South Korean writer Changwon’s book published by Design Culture Magazine. It introduces recycled products to the South Korean design market. Excited to see the trend of upcycling gradually getting popular in the international design industry!


Festive Fun

Recreate’s Christmas Gift Guide


A little something to fill your stockings.

Swix Recap Bottle Opener in its original packaging. Makes cracking open beer bottles a lot more interesting.



Soft leather case to house your pencils, pens and other fancy drawing tools.



Fridge magnets made from keyboard keys. Perfect for that tech savvy friend that already has all sorts of gadgets.



What to get your board game crazy sister? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a vintage wooden bingo set!



Your gearhead husband will love this Ford hubcap clock.



A lotta something to stand under the Christmas tree.

Particularly fond of Jägermeister? This Hangover lamp is way more useful than an actual pounding headache.



Salter scale clock. Stack a fruit bowl on top and it’s perfect for the kitchen.



Love the thunk thunk thunk of a typewriter when working on your latest poem? This one is all cleaned up with a new ribbon just waiting to be thunked on!



Pop a photo in this beautiful Recreated wooden tennis racket press frame for a special someone.



This pop clock will tickle someone’s mantel piece pink.



A gift to rival all others

Why not make someone’s day (and room) brighter with these fantastic side tables made with vintage drawers?


DSCF6338 DSCF6342

Make Mommy comfy this Christmas. Get her the suitcase turned mini sofa to snuggle up on.



Sneak peek

I’m often asked in the shop what my home looks like and I must confess it’s a bit like the old proverb “the shoemakers children go barefoot!”

I have been doing some moving and shuffling at my home recently, some may call it DIY?!

Here are some pics



Visi Magazine – Spring 2013

Look at who was featured in the Spring 2013 Issue of Visi: The talented Lauren from iSpy!

Visi Spring 2013


Come through and check out her fabulous range at our store.

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